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Summit 2021

The Summit will host three engaging virtual segments and one in-person segment with Florida’s manufacturing ecosystem stakeholders. The goal of the event is to advance Florida’s economy through innovation and talent development by leveraging resources to accelerate the productivity and technological performance of the state’s manufacturing sector.


MakeMore is a statewide initiative focused on providing a platform to exchange ideas about how our state resources are addressing the impact of market dynamics, economic trends and policies, and new technologies in the manufacturing sector.

Join in-depth discussions as we build a roadmap to strengthen and advance Florida’s economy through innovation, talent development, and leveraging our resources to accelerate the productivity and technological performance of the manufacturing sector.

This year, the Summit will be virtual. Instead of hosting two days full of content, we have split the event into 4 segments hosted every other month through October.

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MakeMore Manufacturing Summit 2021

  • Monday

    Outlook 2022 Segment

    As 2021 comes to an end, the sector leaves behind an unprecedented time of change, adaptation and resilience. Change, however, is always on the horizon. The emergence of the Smart Factory and its transformation of the sector continues. Keeping our workforce skilled while growing the next generation is ongoing. This session will take a bold leap into 2022 with a “future focused” agenda that brings together industry experts and trailblazers ready to tackle the big issues.