Business Growth Segment

Business Growth Segment

Manufacturing in Florida had over 21,000 establishments in the second quarter of 2020 and 384,000 jobs were reported by December of the same year. Manufacturing is accounted for 4.5% of Florida's GSP by January 2021. Understanding the existing business landscape manufacturers are dealing with will be essential for Florida to continue diversifying the economy to remain a global competitor. The Business Growth Segment will discuss what the current state of the manufacturing ecosystem looks like, the challenges, strategies and opportunities manufacturers are facing around workforce, growth capital, supply chains and emerging markets.


Program At-a-Glance 

DAY 1: June 22 8am – 11am

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Opening Keynote: Florida’s Manufacturing Growth by the Numbers

Session 1: Key Factors Impacting a Manufacturers Business Growth: Supply Chains, Organizational Management, and Business Sustainability

Keynote Address: A Manufacturer’s Journey to Stage 3 Growth

Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award

Closing remarks

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DAY 2: June 23 8am – 11am

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Opening remarks: Recap from Day 1

Session 2:  Emerging Industries Panel 

Session 3: Business Climate Panel

Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award 

Closing remarks

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Who Should Attend?
  • Manufacturing CEO and Business Development leads
  • Statewide decision makers
  • Economic development professionals
  • Legislators
  • Government agencies
  • Workforce development professionals
  • Procurement and supply chain professionals

June 22-23, 2021
8:30 am - 10:30 am (both days)

Keynote Speakers

Rogan Donelly
President & CEO

Adrienne Johnston
Director, Division of Workforce Services
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Other MakeMore Manufacturing Summit Segments

  • Tuesday

    Talent Development Segment

    Securing the right talent is key for manufacturing. Properly trained employees ensure that Florida’s manufacturing workforce is equipped with the skills to succeed today, to increase manufacturing productivity and ultimately to generate manufacturing sector growth. This Segment will bring together experts for discussions around what the manufacturing ecosystem is doing to build the right talent pipeline for Florida and to celebrate the winners of the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center’s Manufacturing Awards.

  • Tuesday

    Technology Segment

    Technology touches every aspect of manufacturing regardless of company size. Manufacturing both adapts to technology and in many cases, creates technology. Ensuring that a company’s workforce is adept with the changing nature of advancements whether it’s integrating Smart Factories technologies or guarding against cyber-attacks, the discussion, preparation, and execution of technology is imperative for every company. The Technology Segment will host discussions around how companies can leverage the benefits of accelerating technology to foster innovation and what the ecosystem needs to focus on to ensure every manufacturer in Florida is on a pathway to implement the Smart Factory floor.

  • Monday

    Outlook 2022 Segment

    As 2021 comes to an end, the sector leaves behind an unprecedented time of change, adaptation and resilience. Change, however, is always on the horizon. The emergence of the Smart Factory and its transformation of the sector continues. Keeping our workforce skilled while growing the next generation is ongoing. This session will take a bold leap into 2022 with a “future focused” agenda that brings together industry experts and trailblazers ready to tackle the big issues.